Erin Kenny

Erin K. Kenny is internationally recognized as a leader in the Forest Kindergarten movement and has been developing programs to connect children with nature for over two decades. Erin has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Education and a Graduate degree in Environmental Law. In 2001, Erin founded Camp Terra, an all outdoor free flow nature immersion program where she began to develop the Cedarsong Way, distinguished by its commitment to free flow child-led nature time, child-inspired emergent curriculum, and inquiry-based teaching. In 2006, Erin created Cedarsong Preschool and has spent the dozen years developing the program into a gold standard model, known now as Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten.

Erin has attended study conferences in Germany, the Netherlands, S. Korea, Scotland, Australia and Iceland to further her understanding about the Forest Kindergarten philosophy which includes elements drawn from Frederich Froebel, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori and the Reggio Emilia program. Erin also speaks at conferences in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia to inspire and empower others. She authored the seminal book “Forest Kindergartens: The Cedarsong Way” and recently released her new book “Nature Notes Journal: Documenting Your Emergent Curriculum”, co-written with Robin Rogers. Erin also contributed a chapter to David Sobel’s book “Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens”.

Erin’s expertise led her to establish the first U.S. Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training and Certification Program in North America in 2010 and she has since personally trained over 350 teachers from across this continent and beyond. Teachers have come from as far away as South Korea, Australia, Peru, China, Turkey, England and Canada to participate in The Cedarsong Way Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training program. Cedarsong Nature School is still currently one of the very few schools in the U.S. offering Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training and Certification.

Cedarsong Nature School